The children at Apple Hill Academy always enjoy art class. We like to encourage children to create because it helps with fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities (not to mention that it’s just plain fun!) Neuroscientist Rex Jung Ph.D. defines creativity as “the production of something both novel and useful.”

Here, a happy two year old at Apple Hill Academy enjoys performing a hands-on “sink float” experiment. Half the fun was having the kids predict what each object would do: sink or float. Science tells us that the density of an object determines whether it will sink or float in

Cooking can be a pleasure for children of all ages. At Apple Hill Academy we start them young so that they will develop a lifelong love of the kitchen. Cooking can become a source for many learning opportunities. Of course, it all begins with reading a recipe but before they

Our toddlers at Apple Hill Academy recently learned about igloos. They used cotton balls to paint their igloos. Although cotton balls can be used to line our clothing for insulation purposes, they were never used by builders to insulate igloos (and neither do they paint real igloos.) Interestingly though, snowballs

“Huffing and Puffing.” We all remember the children’s fairy tale about the three little pigs who each built a house made from different material: straw, wood and bricks. Along comes a big bad wolf that knocks successively on each house, telling the pigs to open the door. The children at

Kindness Week is a week dedicated to showing kindness to those we love as well as others we hardly know. It begins February 14th, and at Apple Hill Academy we are going to celebrate with color reminders and expressions of kindness in all that we do and say. On various

At Apple Hill Academy, we lovingly refer to the tremendous developmental leaps that a child’s personality and intelligence undergo between the first and second year of life as “The Terrific Twos;” while many parents and less-experienced child care centers, however, know it by a different name altogether. Parents can make

Parents Are Experiencing a New Breed of Emotional and Physical Burnout If you feel like you’re well past your max capacity of stress, you’re not alone. In April and August, Eagle Hill Consulting conducted a COVID-19 Employee Burnout Survey to see how workers were handling the pressures associated with the outbreak. Not

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, most parents worried about how much time their young children were spending on screens and how often they were engaging with digital technology. With many schools shifting to remote learning and most after–school activities canceled, children’s technology time has increased by leaps and bounds. So, what are parents to