Here at Apple Hill Academy, we recognize the importance of music as a part of the childcare experience.  Even the youngest children benefit from hearing music and singing in their environments, but things really get interesting when the children themselves engage in supervised or spontaneous play with noisemakers and simple

Story time could be a favorite time for many of our preschoolers at Apple Hill Academy. Most young children (even infants) love to be read to by parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers.  Here we see a teacher reading aloud to our students the very popular book, “More Spaghetti I Say” by Rita

Here at Apple Hill Academy we provide a safe and supervised environment where young children can learn the many fun ways that scissors can be used.  Most children can do simple cutting at 3-4 years old.  Using scissors involves good coordination of eyes and hands, and develops fine motor skills. 

Our students love building structures on the light table. They use translucent blocks to add a new dimension to their creations. Translucent comes from a Latin word that means “to shine through.” It is an adjective  meaning: “allowing light, but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semitransparent” or less than completely

Our very own Miss Helene reads a favorite children’s book written by Lois Ehlert: “Feathers for Lunch.” The daycare students love going on the backyard adventure together as Miss Helene reads about the escaped housecat who tries to catch and eat twelve different birds. The book is very colorful and

Using stencils is a great way to enhance hand-eye coordination and strengthen fine motor skills.  With stencils, preschool children can also learn about different geometric shapes and pattern making. Paper based stencils were first developed by the Chinese around 105 AD. The stencils were used to expand their printing techniques. Later,