Our Terrific Two’s are so proud when they achieve something, like stacking toys successfully! At Apple Hill Academy we like to speak about the developmental phase experienced by young children that is often marked by “cheeky” behavior, as the “Terrific Two’s” stage. It is a wonderful time for parents and

Playing instruments helps improve hand-eye coordination and is a great way to practice patterns. Our daycare toddlers love making music! We find that some of them “march to the beat of a different drummer” sometimes. There are many idioms which incorporate musical instruments into the vernacular. The saying “March to

Sometimes all you need are paper, glue, scissors, and an imagination. Our preschool children enjoy creating works of art using various tools, especially safety-scissors. Cutting with scissors gives children the opportunity to use both hands together while tracking with their eyes. Using scissors also helps build hand muscles and fine

At Apple Hill Academy daycare center, we take a “hands-on” approach to teaching, and this means using multi-sensory teaching methods whenever possible. Finger painting allows children to learn through their senses and can be used with babies beginning at age eighteen months. Toddlers in our childcare center prefer this activity

At Apple Hill Academy daycare center, our babies love to use stacking toys because the colors are quite attractive, and the experience is challenging. As babies try to figure out what goes together and how things fit, they are learning hand-eye coordination as well as the concept of relative size.

Saint Augustine of Hippo once said: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Isn’t it wonderful that during times of travel restrictions, children can appreciate traveling together to wonderful places in their imaginations? Two of our students at Apple Hill Academy childcare

“An unsharpened pencil is like a talent undeveloped: a whole lot of potential just needing to be sharpened and defined to a perfect point!” While we do not know who the author of this statement is, we do understand the teaching “point” that has been made, and it is not

Our Preschool children are fascinated by the light table. They experiment with various types of “blocks” such as lace or other textured material as they place the fabric on the surface. The children watch wide-eyed as different shapes emerge through the darkness and into the light. For those of us

The phrase “a balancing act” was first used for circus artists performing jugglery. It is also a term used as a figure of speech to describe a situation in which one must accomplish simultaneous tasks while trying to please two or more peoples or groups who want different things. At Apple Hill Academy childcare center, we want what the children