Children love using unusual materials for art projects. Our daycare class created fish using cupcake liners. The first time people created small cakes known as “cupcakes“ was in 1796, when a book written by Amelia Simmons entitled “American Cookery” described a recipe for “a light cake to be baked in

When we look at graduation cards or photos, we usually see the image of a mortarboard, the special hat that is worn by students who are celebrating the completion of some phase of their education.  And if you have ever attended a graduation ceremony, you probably remember students taking off

Remember that old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice!” At Apple Hill Academy our Pre-K students enjoy using the whiteboard and colorful markers to practice writing their letters and numbers.  Whiteboards are found not only in childcare centers but in elementary and high schools, colleges,

Although graduation caps symbolize a completed work of achievement, they do not typically have feathers in them. It is interesting to note though, that many traditions place feathers in caps to symbolize “accomplishment” or “bravery.” The expression “A Feather in Your Cap” comes from an ancient Native American tradition that

Children love playing with the brightly colored pieces of a “ginormous” floor puzzle that will challenge their spatial abilities as well as hand-eye coordination.  This picture evokes a very energetic scene from “Big.”   The 1988 movie is probably the pivotal movie of Tom Hanks’ long career.  In it he’s a

How many of us parents have unwittingly stepped barefoot on a stray LEGO?  Then you hopped on your “good” foot, cradling your injured foot, a banshee shriek escaping your clenched teeth.   Did you consider this? Your little wunderkind was merely sharpening their architectural skills!  (Ouch for you.) Apple Hill Academy is

Children love having turtles for pets. Many books have been written about children and their pet turtles. Eloise is a series of children’s books written in the 1950s by Kay Thompson. The main character is a young girl named Eloise, who lives in the room “on the tippy-top floor” of

There’s truly nothing new under the sun because an infamous sneaker company has just re-released yummy sneakers first created back in 2004.  If the new kicks aren’t a pungent enough sensory experience for you, you can “kick it up a notch” and get free shoelaces for them from a big-time bacon