Children love using unusual materials for art projects. Our daycare class created fish using cupcake liners. The first time people created small cakes known as “cupcakes“ was in 1796, when a book written by Amelia Simmons entitled “American Cookery” described a recipe for “a light cake to be baked in small cups.”

However, the actual term cupcake itself wasn’t used until it appeared in a cookbook called “Seventy-five Recipes for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats” written by Eliza Leslie in 1828. Interestingly, it was an artillery manufacturer named The James River Corporation that produced the first commercial paper cupcake liners in the United States. The paper baking cup became quite popular in the nineteen-fifties.

Later a creamy, sweet topping called “icing” was added on top of the cupcakes to enhance the delicious desserts, and the term “icing on the cake” took on a life of its own!

When a positive enhancement is made to something that is already great, the metaphor “icing on the cake” conveys our sense of delight and appreciation. For Apple Hill Academy childcare students, having fun while learning is the “icing on the cake.” #daycare #childcae #preschool