When we look at graduation cards or photos, we usually see the image of a mortarboard, the special hat that is worn by students who are celebrating the completion of some phase of their education.  And if you have ever attended a graduation ceremony, you probably remember students taking off their graduation hats and throwing them in the air to celebrate their achievements.  They are taking their hats off in an especially jubilant way!

“Hats off” is an expression that comes from the old custom of taking off one’s hat in the presence of an important person or at a special event.  A present-day example of this sign of respect is when those at a gathering such as a sporting event take off their hats when the Star-Spangled Banner is played. We also use the expression “hats off to you” without taking off our hats, and in this case, we are saying “congratulations” for an impressive achievement.


So, “HATS OFF” to all our Apple Academy students who have completed another year of learning and growth!  #childcare #daycare #Preschool