Remember that old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice!” At Apple Hill Academy our Pre-K students enjoy using the whiteboard and colorful markers to practice writing their letters and numbers.  Whiteboards are found not only in childcare centers but in elementary and high schools, colleges, and even boardrooms, where they can be part of many business presentations. Whether used individually to practice, or used as a group communication tool, whiteboards are here to stay.

In times past, schools used blackboards, chalk and erasers to practice, practice, practice.  And, of course, teachers back then used the blackboard as an educational tool for writing lessons.  Most blackboards were made of slate, and chalk was easy to come by.  Sometimes, if a student’s behavior was especially good, he or she got to go outside and clap the erasers together.  Does anyone remember all that chalk dust?

Today at Apple Hill Academy we have a variety of educational tools and technology equipment to be used in fun and creative ways to “practice, practice, practice!” #daycare #childcare #preschool