Children love playing with the brightly colored pieces of a “ginormous” floor puzzle that will challenge their spatial abilities as well as hand-eye coordination.  This picture evokes a very energetic scene from “Big.”   The 1988 movie is probably the pivotal movie of Tom Hanks’ long career.  In it he’s a young boy whose wish to be “big” is mysteriously granted and he finds himself a grown-up toy tester at the legendary FAO Schwarz toy store on New York’s honking, bustling Fifth Ave.

Who could forget the exuberant scene where they dance joyfully, playing music with their feet on the “big” floor piano in the store?  How about that for foot and eye coordination? Something for our daycare students to aim for!

In the end, Hanks’ character doesn’t want to be “big” anymore and makes another wish to become a child again.  At Apple Hill Academy, students are free to enjoy being children, exploring the joys of childhood even as we help prepare them for someday being “big.”

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