Here at Apple Hill Academy, we recognize the importance of music as a part of the childcare experience.  Even the youngest children benefit from hearing music and singing in their environments, but things really get interesting when the children themselves engage in supervised or spontaneous play with noisemakers and simple musical instruments.  A toddler playing one of our xylophones is a good example.  Many music educators use the xylophone as a classroom resource. And who doesn’t love hitting something with a stick!


The benefits of early exposure to xylophones and other sound making instruments include development of motor skills and the encouragement of self-expression.  The xylophone is a multi-sensory experience for children: they feel the vibration, see the colors on the xylophone, and hear the notes and rhythms.  All of these benefits come from a fun experience for our daycare students.  At Apple Academy, we aim to “hit the right note” in all of the exciting educational experiences we offer.


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