Story time could be a favorite time for many of our preschoolers at Apple Hill Academy. Most young children (even infants) love to be read to by parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers.  Here we see a teacher reading aloud to our students the very popular book, “More Spaghetti I Say” by Rita Golden Gelman.  With its rhyming narrative and its fun illustrations, the book tells the story of Minnie, who loves eating spaghetti so much that she doesn’t have time to play with her friend Freddie.  By the end of the book, it is Freddie who loves spaghetti so much that he doesn’t have time to play!

Our staff has a wide range of read aloud books for our students and is always on the lookout for old classics and new titles that will entertain and educate.  Some of our children, of course, especially the older ones, may read on their own, but it has been known to happen that even our “seniors” will stop what they are doing to listen to a good story.

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