Here at Apple Hill Academy we provide a safe and supervised environment where young children can learn the many fun ways that scissors can be used.  Most children can do simple cutting at 3-4 years old.  Using scissors involves good coordination of eyes and hands, and develops fine motor skills.  Scissor projects are a good way to encourage creativity, too.  Can’t you just feel the concentration of the daycare student in this picture?

The ancestor of our modern-day pivotal scissors was invented/developed in Rome about 2000 years ago. There are so many types of scissors—hedge trimmers, barber shears, not to mention the precision surgical scissors used in medical settings. Children’s scissors, however, are not as sharp, and the tips of the blades are rounded for safety.  And, of course, they are made to be used by small hands.  Introducing preschoolers to child appropriate versions of tools that adults use, and helping them to develop competency, skill and creativity, is part of our mission here at Apple Hill Academy.

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