“An unsharpened pencil is like a talent undeveloped: a whole lot of potential just needing to be sharpened and defined to a perfect point!” While we do not know who the author of this statement is, we do understand the teaching “point” that has been made, and it is not about lead pencils!

The modern lead pencil (made of a form of pure carbon “graphite”) was invented in 1795 by a scientist named Nicholas-Jacques Conte. Graphite comes from a Greek word, meaning “to write.”  The word “pencil” comes from the Latin word “pencillus” — meaning “little tail” — to describe the brushes used for ink dipping. Today, pencils are still made with graphite. However, colored pencils are made with a base of wax or oil and contain added pigments for color tones.

Our little pre-k students enjoy using colored pencils for writing and drawing what they see in their imagination. Imagination is critical in child development. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” At Apple Hill Academy childcare center, we love to encourage children to use their imagination to create beautiful images and to grow in the knowledge of art.