The phrase “a balancing act” was first used for circus artists performing jugglery. It is also a term used as a figure of speech to describe a situation in which one must accomplish simultaneous tasks while trying to please two or more peoples or groups who want different things. At Apple Hill Academy childcare center, we want what the children and parents want: excellent teaching and the planting of seeds for lifelong learning.

When children use hollow blocks to build structures, they learn how “construction” works.  Size, shapes and balance are all important elements to creating a structure that stands the test of time.  Structures such as skyscrapers, hospitals and schools have an important role in our lives, and we teach our children about the roles of these buildings in their communities.

At Apple Hill Academy, both structured learning as well as playtime are important to the children in our care. As they learn about gravity, stability and balance, we hope that one day some of them might become scientists or architects. It is never too early to help children develop a thirst for S.T.E.M.