Pattern blocks are a great way to practice recognizing and comparing shapes, learn about angles, and strengthen visual discrimination skills. The children at our childcare center love exploring the different colored shapes and filling-in patterns. The process of geometric exploration helps children understand patterns, sorting and classifying. The wooden pieces are made in various shapes such as rectangle, square and circular.

When airplanes fly in a continuous circular flight pattern over an airport while waiting for clearance to land, they are said to be in a “holding pattern.” The term “holding pattern” is also used to describe a state or condition of stagnancy, or one with inactivity.

At Apple Hill Academy, our daycare center learning opportunities are never in a “holding pattern” because our active children are provided with quality learning tools to develop new skills all the time.  When it comes to understanding science and math disciplines, exploring geometric and measurement concepts is a pattern for success that they can hold onto forever!