Transporting children through a world of discovery is part of what makes Apple Hill Academy so interesting for kids. For toddlers, we use snap bead toys to teach them hand eye coordination. Sometimes they like to sing along with the lessons, and we use songs such as “Wheels on the Bus” to drive the point home!

Talking about how people get to where they are going (school bus, ferry boat, or car) is a wonderful way to help encourage children to learn about transportation while they begin to consider how our jobs impact one another. Our primary school-aged students are encouraged to identify people’s transportation jobs in their community, and to think about the skills required to perform the jobs, such as driving, or piloting boats and planes.

Children love asking the “why’s” about things, and we love when they ask, “why are boats used to transport people on water?” or “why are planes used to transport people to faraway places?” This gives us an opportunity to incorporate science lessons into the equation as they learn about what makes some objects float and others sink; how wheels work; and how planes fly.  A multi-disciplinary approach to teaching transportation can transform a child’s basic observations into a world of expanded knowledge and thinking in a matter of minutes and carry them to a different world altogether. As Rachel Wolchin said: “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet…” At Apple Hill Academy, fun learning for kids is at the root of all we do.