Why Apple Hill Academy?

We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to your child’s education and safety.
Find out how our school was already prepared for Covid-19 and the new measures we have implemented since the outbreak.

COVID-19 Statement

The Apple Hill Academy Story…

For more than 25 years, Apple Hill Academy has been the child daycare and learning center that parents have trusted to look after their children and help them grow. We specialize in providing care for children ranging from 6-weeks old to 12-years old and we strive to create an environment in which all children in our care feel valued. We understand that each child is special, and we respect each child’s individual heritage. Notably, we encourage the development of ethnic pride, self-confidence, and the joy of learning, and we’re dedicated to forming strong and positive partnerships between parents and children and our staff.

There are so many things that set our child daycare and learning center apart from other child care facilities in the area. For starters, we believe in taking a multi-sensory approach to teaching and we use methods that are catered directly to the individual needs of each child left in our care. We understand each child learns a little bit differently, and we make it our mission to find the most effective ways to teach children the skills they need to advance their social, emotional, intellectual, language, creative, and physical development.

Here are some of the advantages of sending your child to our facility:

  • We adhere to the Developmentally Appropriate Practices outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • We make sure our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Early Childhood Program Expectations: Standards of Quality

  • We operate an eco-friendly building that features antimicrobial walls

  •  We participate in the Grow New Jersey Kids program, and we’re part of the state’s Infant/Toddler initiative as well
  • We have a dedicated S.T.E.A.M. room and classrooms with smart tables
  • We use a Facial Biometric Security System to keep parents, children, and teachers safe
  • Our students cultivate and take care of our organic garden of fruits and vegetables

When you bring your child to Apple Hill Academy, he or she will have the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. Our child daycare and learning centers in Freehold and Howell, NJ will serve as the foundation for their future education and put them on the right path as they move forward with their lives. We are always planting seeds for lifelong learning.

If you’re looking for a reputable child day care and learning center in Freehold or Howell, NJ, call Apple Hill Academy Freehold at 732-607-5899 or Howell at 732-370-0110 today to ask us any questions or schedule a tour of our facilities.

Apple Hill Academy Centers are

Certified childcare centers are as healthy and safe as possible by reducing exposure to toxins. Green construction features are found throughout Apple Hill Academy.

Our centers have received Eco-Healthy Child Care certification! This is a national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. Research increasingly shows that the first years of a child’s life are critical to shaping their future health and development. As a parent, you want the safest and healthiest care possible for your child. Our learning areas are designed to delight, intrigue and inspire young learners. Green means features like hand blowers instead of paper towels, FRP panels on the classrooms walls that are anit-microbial to reduce bacteria, daylight LED lighting and low-VOC materials to maintain indoor air quality.

Don’t Take Our Word For It
Read The Testimonials From Our Happy Parents

I am a nurse and had to find reliable care for my boys in April. We had previously looked at Apple Hill for my youngest, but due to the pandemic, had decided to keep them home. Once that became impossible, we reached out to Apple Hill. They have been nothing short of amazing since. They welcomed both of my boys (2 and 5) with open arms and hearts! Not only have my boys been well cared for, they have thrived! My wild child 2 year old is growing by leaps and bounds.

Most impressive, my 5 year old had so much anxiety since having to leave school. He understood there was a big issue going on, but could not process it fully. Since starting, he has relaxed and really opened up. He absolutely loves Apple Hill. He was able to explain to me, in the calmest way, why we should wear masks around others, the importance of hand washing, and 6ft social distancing! I was so impressed! When I asked him where he learned this, he proudly told me his teacher taught him.

As a parent, and nurse, I feel my boys are not only safe, but thriving at Apple Hill. My only wish is that I had sent my boys here sooner!


This school is the best! My son is treated as an unique individual. His emotional, social and educational needs are met with every interaction. The infusion of technology in the classroom aligns with 21st century learning. The owner, Ms. Jill greets every child daily with a smile and patience. Ms. Regina, although she is not my son’s teacher, takes time to have a conversation with my son. Ms. LaPierre is a great Pre-School teacher with the patience of Job. Her ability to reach each child’s academic potential is amazing! My son loves his “green school.” We have increased his days as a result of his eagerness and desire to learn more. The tuition is reasonable. Give them a try…you will see the difference in your child’s character!


Placing our 1 year old daughter, JJ, in daycare was one of the most difficult decisions that we have ever made. Choosing Apple Hill Academy was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Miss Jill runs an amazing facility and each member of her staff has been wonderful. We get multiple pictures of our baby girl every day, along with a sheet outlining her activities. JJ is thriving, she’s learning signs, just started walking, and now she smiles every morning we drop her off. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll at Apple Hill Academy!

Steve T

I truly cannot say enough good things about Apple Hill Academy! We switched my son here when he was 20 months, previously we were at a Goddard school. WOW what a world of difference it has made! Since switching, he is so excited to go to school, and I see such a difference in how much he is learning–he’s picking up new skills and words almost every day; it’s obvious that he is being very mentally stimulated.

Apple Hill does SO many fun activities and crafts with the kids, they have great events like their Halloween parade, monthly visits from Mr. Scott the Music Man (all the kids love him!), and fun weekly themes. They also make my life easier by providing all the food he needs during the day, and even drinks too–at no additional cost! In the spring/summer, the children get to eat fresh vegetables from the school’s organic garden, such a fun and healthy experience for the kids. They even picked some pumpkins from the garden in the fall! Best of all, I feel so comfortable with all of the teachers and the center’s director; they are all so sweet with my boy, and really make dropoff easier on him. Apple Hill is definitely our extended family!

If you’re considering Apple Hill, check out all the great photos they’ve posted on their Facebook page and take a tour–as soon as you’re there, I’m sure you’ll feel the same sense of community as I do every day 🙂

Natasha P.

The experience myself and my family continue to have with Apple Hill Academy is excellent (truly beyond my expectation). The Apple Hill team made our transition from one day care to their facility so easy. They were prompt in communicating via email and in returning phone calls. They made registering my son and the form completion super easy and accessible through the computer. When COVID hit, I was extremely impressed with the implementation of new safety features and procedures they put into place. My mind was truly put at ease, with the daily photos/daily reports/daily curriculum they provided. I knew my son was having fun, but also learning. I am so impressed with how much my son’s vocabulary (he is a toddler – approaching 2 years old)has increased in such a short amount time. The entire Apple Team/Staff are all super friendly and professional. I can tell they truly enjoy being part of my sons life and daily routine. My son would come home with different arts and craft projects nearly everyday. The school is beautiful as well and recently updated. They truly offer so much and have created a truly amazing environment for both learning and fun!

Monica W.

Apple Hill Academy became part of our lives back in December when we moved to the area and first started to look for childcare for our youngest who was almost 2 at the time. I had so much build up stress and anxiety looking for a place to entrust my child with but immediately felt at ease the moment I toured Apple Hill Academy. I can’t explain it but there is no other feeling when you are at peace knowing your child will be ok. Fast forward to March when Covid-19 was ramping up and Apple Hill was a leader in taking the proper precautions and once able being available for essential workers. I still get emotional thinking about how important this was and what a lifesaver the entire staff was throughout this entire experience. Not to mention the care and education they are receiving at the same time. Look no further than Apple Hill Academy when it comes to great childcare that will also educate your children.

Miracles C.