From the moment you walk up to the center and notice we use a facial recognition unit, access granted by your face, you realize we take your child’s safety seriously.


Cameras are located in every classroom and are monitored by the administration.


Daily Links Sheets

Parents receive a detailed recap of their child’s day at The Apple Hill Academy with our unique, custom-written “Daily Link Sheets” program.

From the minute your child is “checked in” for the day, we record their specific daily activities including learning experiences and a special note on what your child enjoyed most that day.

Howell SecurityAfter your child is “checked out” for the day, an email will be sent to both parents with the “Daily Link Sheets” attached. So regardless of which parent picks up your child, our program enables you to still actively be involved and engaged in your child’s day.


Imagine how happy and proud your child will feel when you talk and ask questions about actual experiences in your child’s day.

Imagine how confident and comfortable you will feel knowing you are collaborating with your child’s teacher and school to help your child thrive!

Our “Daily Link Sheets” program will also brighten up your day when you receive pictures and video of your child. 

Room to Play and Grow

Our outdoor playground offers three developmentally appropriate playgrounds.

Younger children are safe to play and explore at their own pace.

Older children have a larger play area for running and climbing.

Children also have the use of our “Old West Town”. This is unique room set up like an old Western Town plaza, with different stores and a ball pit.



All of our classrooms at Apple Hill Academy are self-contained.

All classrooms are equipped with telephones, monitoring cameras, and bathrooms.

 Each classroom has only one age group per class.

Younger children and older children are NEVER mixed in the same classroom.