Apple Hill Academy Terrific-Twos

Apple Hill Academy recognizes the unique developmental stages that occur between ages two and three. We therefore have two separate classrooms within this age range which allows us to focus solely on different stages of early childhood education.

While the energy level in the classroom is high to meet the spirit of the Terrific Twos, our teachers maintain an environment that continues to foster a joy of learning. Each day is filled with a lot of hands-on, fun learning. For Terrific Two childcare we spotlight expanding each child’s verbal communication skills. Each child will expand their vocabulary, which increases his or her self-esteem.

Children at this age need to be active at nearly all times. Our Terrific Twos Program includes developmentally appropriate activities prepared by our experienced and nurturing teachers to create an encouraging learning environment. Our early childhood education curriculum will prepare your child for preschool, as well as build and strengthen the cognitive and social skills needed for future learning.

Our potty-training techniques allow your child to achieve success at his or her own pace and raising their self-pride in the process.

You will receive a daily report, the “Terrific Twos News”, which is emailed to you at the end of each day to keep you informed of your child’s activities. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their children at any point throughout the day.

We are delighted for your two-year-old to begin a lifelong journey of learning through our child care learning center.

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