Apple Hill Academy Pre-K

Our Pre-K learning center is primarily geared toward “Kindergarten Readiness.” We will ensure that when your child completes Pre-K, he or she has all the tools they need to start kindergarten.  Your child will not just know their name, but be able to express themselves through story, play, art and more!

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Language Development

  • Verbalize name, age
  • Distinguish letters from words
  • Participate in discussion
  • Ask questions
  • Understand and follow directions

Reading Readiness

  • Recognize and create all letters of alphabet
  • Associate letters and sounds
  • Identify basic sight words
  • Write familiar words


  • Recognize and create number symbols 0-30
  • Match number set to number symbols  0-30
  • Develop understanding of  time
  • Collect and record date in lists and graphs
  • Identify times of day
  • Understand concepts of weather


  • Smart Board in the classroom
  • Smart Table center
  • Computer center
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