Apple Hill Academy Infants

Welcome to our caring, stimulating and secure infant care room! Your infant will enjoy the nurturing of our caregivers while exploring the world around them.

Our early childhood education center strives to cultivate warm emotional ties infant in blue tank topbetween our teachers and your infant. Our childcare curriculum encourages your infant to learn, develop and grow in their own unique way. Each schedule is personalized to adjust to your infant’s requirements.

As a result, we follow your infant’s behavior to determine when to feed, nap, cuddle and play. We promote both fine and gross motor skills through our interactions as part of our distinctive curriculum. Our daily curriculum utilizes music, as well as singing, playing and speaking with your infant to encourage your infant’s language development.

The age range for our infant care is from six weeks to twelve months. As you
enter the infant room, you will immediately feel the supportive atmosphere of the surroundings from the rocking chairs to toys and music. Our immaculate infant room has a “shoes off” policy so as to ensure a sanitary environment for your infant to safely enjoy crawling on our carpeting and mats.

You will receive pictures of your child during the day as well as a daily report, the “Infant News” which gets emailed to you each day to keep you informed of your baby’s activities. In addition, each infant has his or her own crib which is used for sleeping only. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their infant at any point throughout the day.

We are delighted for your infant to start a lifelong journey of learning!

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