Health and Safety

Covid 19

Aside from our curriculum, featuring a Library and S.T.E.A.M. room, provided by loving teachers did you know, our school was built with sanitary concerns in mind ?

Never expecting to face a pandemic our forward-thinking has put us ahead of all childcare centers in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Does your center have these safety features:

Biometric Facial entry into the building?

No-touch buttons to open doors?

Are the walls fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with SURFASEAL?



Surfaseal, found only on Glasbord panels, provides a unique barrier. The film finish provides protection that is highly dent and scratch resistant. Because of it’s unique process, the Surfaseal finish will not trap soil or bacteria on the panel.

Newly Added Since COVID-19

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners

Capturing up to 98% of particles (3.0 – 10.0 micron) that pass through the filter, the 

Honeywell F300E1035 offers the highest level of filtration on the market.

Solid state power supply is self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions.

Media post-filter provides enhanced filtration.

Solid state power supply is self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions.

UV-C Lamps

Why HVAC Ultra Violet Light is So Wonderful?

HVAC UV light disinfects the air we breathe.

The primary benefits expand into many reasons why HVAC UV light is so wonderful:

Our bulbs are germicidal UVC and put out 253.7NM Which means that they are 99% efficient on a single pass.

Kills bacteria, viruses and germs (Including Covid-19)

Controls mold and other allergens

Removes Volatile Organic Compounds

Reduces smells and odors

Maintains a cleaner HVAC unit

Wabi UV Sterilizer & Dryer in all classrooms

The WABI UV Sterilizer is a convenient, state-of-the-art drying and sanitizing station that provides us with the ultimate in sanitary efficiency. Using their patent pending low-temperature technology with precise PTC heating element for drying and scientifically-proven dual UV lamps for sterilization, this easy-to-use device safely and effectively sanitizes toys and more in as little as 10 minutes. This sleek and powerful device eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Advanced Ultraviolet Sterilizers– Designed with a simple touchscreen that lets you sterilize, and store items with a single touch, sanitize toys or devices in just 10 minutes while eliminating germs and bacteria.

Multipurpose UV Sterilization– A gentle, low-heat system this is more than a bottle sterilizer. It produces UV rays that safely and effectively sterilize jewelry, remote controls, iPads or tablets, electronic devices, sunglasses and more.

Automatic Sanitization Process – The user-friendly touch panel on top lets you set UV sterilization for one minute up to every two hours, so you can continually keep items cleaner between uses.

Superior Germ Elimination – Our sterilization machine uses dual UV bulbs to safely and efficiently eliminate 99.9% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria to help reduce the spread of germs or contaminants in your home.

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