Parent Information


    Please tell us about the children living in your household.


    Never Very Rarely Rarely About Half the Time Frequently Very Frequently Always

    In my family, we talk about problems.

    When we argue, my family listens to "both sides of the story."

    In my family, we take time to listen to each other.

    My family pulls together when things are stressful

    My family is able to solve our problems.

    I praise my child when he/she behaves well.

    When I discipline my child, I lose control.

    I am happy being with my child.

    My child and I are very close to each other.

    I am able to soothe my child when he/she is upset.

    I spend time with my child doing what he/she likes to do.


    Strongly Disagree Mostly Disagree Slighty Disagree Neutral Slighty Agree Mostly Agree Strongly Agree

    I have others who will listen when I need to talk about my problems.

    When I am lonely, there are several people I can talk to.

    I would have no idea where to turn if my family needed food
    or housing.

    I wouldn’t know where to go for help if I had trouble making ends meet.

    If there is a crisis, I have others I can talk to.

    If I needed help finding a job, I wouldn’t know where to go for help.

    There are many times when I don’t know what to do as a parent.

    I know how to help my child learn.

    My child misbehaves just to upset me.