Physical activity should be encouraged from a very young age.

Under-school-age children should minimize the amount of time spent being still for extended periods, except time spent sleeping.

When we were children we didn’t think about exercise. Our exercise was running outside with our friends, riding our bikes, and playing. Today’s children are getting less exercise, and it’s a subject that is being cut in many schools.

  • Benefits of exercise for children include development of motor skills, improvement of cognitive development, and enhancement of bone and muscular development
  • Exercise and games support learning of social skills
  • Movement leads to Learning new games and skills
  • Children develop a life-long love for exercise
  • Active children are happy children

At Apple Hill Academy, we want your child to have fun moving and exercising. It can be learning a new game or a new skill, working on our social, academic and physical skills all at once. Together we learn new dance routines, try yoga, karate, and learn to leapfrog. We go outside twice a day to our own park as well as neighboring parks, in almost all weather, throughout the year.