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Apple Hill Academy opens new location in Freehold New Jersey

Apple Hill Academy Child day care learning center is pleased to announce that they about to open a new location in Freehold New Jersey. The new center is located at 205 Elton Adelphia road, Freehold. This day care center will feature the same layout as our Howell child care learning center. State of the [...]

Eco-Healthy Certified

All of our Apple Hill Academy centers have received Eco-Healthy Child Care certification! This is a national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. Research increasingly shows that the first years of a toddler child’s life are critical to shaping [...]

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At the Apple Hill Academy, we lovingly refer to the tremendous developmental leaps that a child’s personality and intelligence undergo between the first and second year of life as “The Terrific Twos;” many parents and less-experienced child care centers, however, know it by a different name altogether. How Trust Can Prevent the Terrible Twos [...]


There are so many different developmental stages that, even if you were to know and be able to identify them all, you would likely still struggle to keep up as your child slips seamlessly through them. Often, it seems like your child is riding along on a train of discovery following invisible tracks, sometimes [...]

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We’ve all heard conflicting evidence about the importance of preschool and accounts from friends and family about what they feel on the subject. At the end of the day, there are a thousand potential reasons for why you can keep your child out of preschool; today, we’ll give you a few good reasons why [...]

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