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Our Terrific Twos enjoy time with their guinea pigs. Classroom pets help children learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival. Students get to see directly how their behavior and actions affect others. When children are observing and caring for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life. #applehillacademy #preschool #daycarecenter #infantcare #toddlers #terrifictwos #classroompets #guineapig

Posted by Apple Hill Academy Old Bridge on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

At Apple Hill Academy Child Care Learning Center we strive to create and maintain a child care center in which children feel valued and are treated with respect. Our program is created to provide each child with a secure, healthy and nurturing environment. We understand that each child is special and respect each child’s heritage. We encourage the development of ethnic pride, self -confidence, and the joy of learning. We are dedicated to forming strong and positive partnerships between families, children and our staff.

Children construct knowledge on prior experiences. It is the teacher’s role to facilitate learning through their interactions and questions while building on children’s interests and development. We adhere to Developmentally Appropriate Practices as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Early Childhood Program Expectations: Standards of Quality.

We recognize that young children learn through active hands-on involvement and the learning is an ongoing process. Our teaching staff individualizes the program to encompass the individual developmental levels of our age groups of children and recognizes that there are differences in children’s learning styles unlike traditional day cares. The staff provides activities that both challenge and encourage each child to grow and learn at his/her own pace. We provide a program that ensures positive growth in social, emotional, intellectual, language, creative and physical development.

Apple Hill Academy centers are now ECO-HEALTHY CERTIFIED

Certified childcare centers are as healthy and safe as possible by reducing exposure to toxins. Green construction features are found throughout Apple Hill Academy.

Our centers have received Eco-Healthy Child Care certification! This is a national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. Research increasingly shows that the first years of a child’s life are critical to shaping their future health and development. As a parent, you want the safest and healthiest care possible for your child. Our learning areas are designed to delight, intrigue and inspire young learners. Green means features like hand blowers instead of paper towels, FRP panels on the classrooms walls to reduce bacteria, daylight LED lighting and low-VOC materials to maintain indoor air quality.

Love Apple Hill Academy!

Lisa F., Jake has been with us since he was a baby

The Best Daycare!!

Mansi S. , Now has her 2nd child Vahaan in the center