Why Apple Hill Academy now?

We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to your child’s education and safety.

Find out how our school was already prepared for Covid-19 and the new measures we have implemented since the outbreak.

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The Apple Hill Academy story…

For more than 30 years, Apple Hill Academy has been the child day care and learning center that parents have trusted to look after their kids and help them grow. We specialize in providing care for children ranging from 6-weeks old to 12-years old and we strive to create an environment in which all children in our care feel valued. We understand that each child is special, and we respect each child’s individual heritage. Notably, we encourage the development of ethnic pride, self-confidence, and the joy of learning, and we’re dedicated to forming strong and positive partnerships between parents and children and our staff.

There are so many things that set our child day care and learning center apart from other child care facilities in the area. For starters, we believe in taking a multi-sensory approach to teaching and we use methods that are catered directly to the individual needs of each child left in our care. We understand each child learns a little bit differently, and we make it our mission to find the most effective ways to teach children the skills they need to advance their social, emotional, intellectual, language, creative, and physical development.

Here are some of the other advantages of sending your child to our facility:

• We adhere to the Developmentally Appropriate Practices outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children

• We make sure our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Early Childhood Program Expectations: Standards of Quality

• We operate an eco-friendly building that features antimicrobial walls

• We participate in the Grow New Jersey Kids program, and we’re part of the state’s Infant/Toddler initiative as well

• We have a dedicated S.T.E.A.M. room and classrooms with smart tables

• We use a Facial Biometric security system to keep parents, children, and teachers safe

When you bring your child to Apple Hill Academy, he or she will have the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. Our child day care and learning centers in Freehold and Howell, NJ will serve as the foundation for their future education and put them on the right path as they move forward with their lives.

If you’re looking for a reputable child day care and learning center in Freehold or Howell, NJ, call Apple Hill Academy at 732-607-5899 (Freehold) or 732-370-0110 (Howell) today to ask us any questions you might have or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Apple Hill Academy centers are now


Certified childcare centers are as healthy and safe as possible by reducing exposure to toxins. Green construction features are found throughout Apple Hill Academy.

Our centers have received Eco-Healthy Child Care certification! This is a national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. Research increasingly shows that the first years of a child’s life are critical to shaping their future health and development. As a parent, you want the safest and healthiest care possible for your child. Our learning areas are designed to delight, intrigue and inspire young learners. Green means features like hand blowers instead of paper towels, FRP panels on the classrooms walls to reduce bacteria, daylight LED lighting and low-VOC materials to maintain indoor air quality.

Read The Testimonials From Our Happy Parents

Love Apple Hill Academy!

Lisa F., Jake has been with us since he was a baby

Today was my 2-year-olds son’s first day of school. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you to the entire staff for making us feel so at how. We were greeted with a warm hello and my son’s teacher engaged and got his attention right away and made it easy to leave him. We are so excited to be a part of Apple Hill Academy!The Best Daycare!!

Yolanda, Parent of a 2 Year old in our new Freehold Center

I’m beyond excited that The Apple Hill Academy here in Freehold is open. It’s so close that I can walk there. I just toured the center and I’m so pleased with everything they offer. Let me start off by saying the staff greeted my son and I with a very warm welcoming. I like that they use facial recognition (safety & security) to enter the building. Everything is so nice and new. The classrooms are a nice size and my son was excited that they have a S.T.E.A.M room. All the things he loves and enjoys in one classroom. I’m looking forward to their grand opening!! My son can’t wait to start summer camp there and he will continue in September for preschool.

Alex K, Parent of a new preschooler in Freehold Center

The Best Daycare!!

Mansi S. , Now has her 2nd child Vahaan in the center
Facial recognition biometric system


Day care classroom




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